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Easy PC Tuition

Llandudno, Conwy

It sounds very grand, that, doesn't it?  Like I'm a big business.  But I'm not - I'm just a sole trader!

Even so, I've got to constantly be aware of where people find me and what makes them decide to contact me, just like any business.

Publicity-wise, my business has always been a bit of a catch-twenty-two.  I'm offering an internet-related, digital, tech-based service.  But those who want me are not already online, or if they are, they don't necessarily know how to find me.

So my best-performing adverts are usually the printed ones!

Marketing in 2024

Working closeup.jpg

I am however planning to make more of the online options that are available in the 21st Century.

After all, many of them are free or inexpensive!


 It's also an area I've previously missed out on in terms of referrals.  After all, how many times have you searched online for someone else?  If your nan, or your cousin, or your friend complains something isn't working, often it's instinctive to hop online and type in a few words about that topic to see what comes up.

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During lockdown I started making video clips including tips and advice on issues surrounding technology, and some of the common questions I am asked by my customers.

For 2024 I'm planning some new ones, and I also want to try putting some of them on DVDs.  This was an idea given to me a few years ago, but I never got to applying it - so I will give it another go!

Business to Business

Since 2020 I have been a member of Network She, a business network for women based in North Wales.  It has gone from strength to strength as a network, and personally I have made some fantastic contacts, collaborations and gained clients from the group.

It's always good to connect with the North Wales Social gang via Twitter (X).  Based online with some in-person meetups, 8pm-9pm on a Thursday evening is THE hour for businesses in North Wales!

2024 April drop-in help sessions for tips and advice on your tablet, laptop, smartphone, iPad, Llandudno
2024 design for Easy PC Tuition hand-delivered flyers, to replace Your Local Dragon deliveries


Supporting new start-ups is important to me, so when I heard a friend of mine was starting a printing business, I ordered my new flyers with him!

You can also order mugs, keyrings, and many photo printed gifts - click on and have a look!

For 2024 I have an advert placed in the 5 Villages Chronicle, based in Flintshire.

5 Villages Magazine

This is a new area for me; I've never had direct advertising in Flintshire.  I look forward to seeing the magazine, which is A4, and hopefully working in the area and helping out with troubleshooting and training!

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