About Me

Hi!  I'm Cathy.  I set up Easy PC Tuition in 2013, when the smallest one in this picture was just a tiny baby!

I discovered I had a penchant for training in 2005 when I began working for Wrexham Social Services in their information department.  I helped the social work teams get to grips with their client database and was praised for the way I did it without making them feel as though they should already know how.

Born in the early 80's, I am part of the generation that saw a lot of technology being developed, and indeed invented - I remember vividly the sounds of a modem connecting to dial-up internet, and having to type a website name EXACTLY right for Internet Explorer to be able to find it.

The way we use the internet these days is completely different.  The generations before me didn't have to use computers, at least not in the same way.  It's very gratifying to show someone, whatever age they may be, the way that technology is now designed to help them do everyday things in a simpler, more user-friendly way than we have ever seen.

Of course there are downsides to technology too.  Buy a washing machine these days, and you need a degree in computer science to find the fast spin.  And the user manual?  Scan a QR code to download it!  (Whatever that is.)  All this tech was originally designed to both mimic, and be used in, an office.  So the invention of "apps" has brought a whole new dimension into our homes and this is why Easy PC Tuition has worked so well.

I was made redundant in 2013, and so that meant I was married, with our third baby on the way, I was reluctant to look for work that might take me halfway across the country for eight or more hours a day.  I also knew there was a demand for tech support with a friendly face and a personal touch.  So Easy PC was born, not long after the baby!

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