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Tips in Clips

New for 2020 - video content!  Please subscribe to my channel if you're on YouTube.  If you'd like to see a clip about a specific topic, pop it in the box below!

Easy PC Tuition

Easy PC Tuition

Watch Now

Thank you!  I'll start making notes!

Social Media - Why and How?

More Coming Soon.....

I have plans for short videos on these topics:

  • Basics of tablets, smartphones, iPads etc explaining what they are and what they do

  • Basics of laptops/computers, using the keyboard and mouse or touchpad

  • How to save things and how to make sure you can find them again!

  • Overviews of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

  • Overview of SmartSpeakers (that's Alexa, Siri, Google Home)

  • Safety Online

  • What Online Shopping actually entails

and more!  But suggestions are always welcome.  If you have one please pop it in the box above.​

Spreadsheets and Word Processing how-to's

Dreams happen 75pc original size.jpg

....maybe even some live events! ....

Training one-to-one
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