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Want to Get Your COVID Pass?

I've just helped a lady in Rhos-on-Sea download her Covid Pass from the NHS website.

It's got to be said, it wasn't as easy as they make it sound on TV - it even involved recording a video of the lady reciting some numbers, as part of the identification process!

Logging into the NHS website is a two-step process to begin with, which makes sense these days as lots of websites have extra security, to keep everyone safe in this digital world.

Once the security code had arrived and we'd got past this bit (shown on the right), there were numerous other screens asking for different information.

The trickiest parts were taking photos and videos, which had to be done "live", which means that the website itself used the camera on the tablet to take and upload the photo and video instantly.

First was a photo of the lady's driving licence (it could have been a passport). Then the website asked for a video of the lady so that her appearance could be compared to the photo on the driving licence.

While it's certainly understandable that the NHS want to make sure they're only issuing Covid passes to people who've actually had the jab or who are actually exempt from having it, this was quite a long-winded process.

Once we had finished proving her identity, my customer then had to wait for an email confirming all was well, which was to be sent within 24hrs. She did receive an email well within 24hrs, so I returned the next afternoon, but it's just as well I had a free afternoon to do so!

We had to log back into the website again, before selecting whether the pass was required for "domestic" use or "travel" use, then we were finally presented with a QR code which we were able to download.

This download lasts for 30 days, whereupon it's time to log into the NHS website again to find a fresh QR code and download that....

As you can imagine, if you don't have a printer, you're then stuck taking your tablet or smartphone with you when you go to the cinema or theatre, just so you can get through the door!

It does make me wonder how many hundreds of people have started this process only to give up halfway through, frustrated at having to use all this technology, which is NOT explained in much detail when they talk about Covid passes on the news.

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