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Man Using Tablet with Stylus, get more out of your tablet

Tablet / iPad

Tablet - iPad

Tablets and iPads are very popular as they are much quicker and more convenient than laptops.  They are also very secure and need careful setting up.

They don't usually have phone numbers, so don't usually send text messages or make phone calls.  They do however use WiFi to make calls, and video calls too.  This is often cheaper than phone calls, especially to other countries.

They have two cameras and the quality of the photos they take can be excellent.  There's rarely a need to have a separate digital camera these days!

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Laptop / Desktop / Apple Mac

Laptop, get help with your computer
Laptop - Desktop

Laptops are a smaller version of a traditional desktop PC.  They are now just as speedy, as their components have  shrunk in size and can fit into a very slim laptop base.

Laptops are good for general use, but are a bit more cumbersome than tablets.  Many users prefer them as they often have a full QWERTY keyboard, and that is what most people have learned to type on.

Macs are extremely powerful machines and are often better suited to users who edit images, video or audio, or use special software.  They run on a very different system to laptops.

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Here are some of the things I can help with:

iphone, smartphone



There are two types of smartphone: Android and Apple.  The names denote the system that the phones run on.

You will find many different brands of smartphone that run on Android, while iPhones are the only ones to run on Apple software, which is very similar to a Mac computer.

Smartphones have their own phone number and can therefore send text messages and make phone calls.  In addition, they can connect to WiFi internet, meaning that they can access the internet cheaply, so you can still make inexpensive calls to your family abroad!

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Social Media

Social Media

People on social media, help with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, safe on social media

Photos and

File Management

Photos + Files
Photographs, organise your photos

If you have questions about using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, I can help.

Security queries?  Wondering how to add your photos?  Want to stop seeing irrelevant things on your feed?  Or perhaps you're starting a business and want to make sure you're visible.

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Many people use their smartphone or tablet to take photos, as the built-in cameras are of very good quality, and the built-in storage is large enough to hold many photos.

It does become an issue when considering security of these photos, however there is an easy solution which is also provided with the phone or tablet.  "Cloud storage" is all controlled via the internet, and makes your photos easily accessible from anywhere in the world.  It also means that if anything happens to your phone or tablet, you haven't lost all your photos with it.

This also applies to your contacts, and any files you might have stored such as email attachments.

If you have a lot of files and photos and would like help keeping them organised, I can help with that too.

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